Classic Fountain Pen, Spectraply with Chrome Accents, Premier Camo


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This Spectraply Classic Fountain pen is definitely an attention grabber.  The charcoal, green, orange, and lime layers are reminiscent of a bold camouflage scheme.  Thin layers of wood are individually dyed before being laminated together.  The bold colors become apparent when I hand sculpt the block of wood into the pen’s final shape.

The fountain pen nib is made of iridium to ensure a long life of smooth writhing.  It uses standard fountain pen refill cartridges which are available in every color of the rainbow at most office supply stores.  A black cartridge is pre-installed.

As with all fountain pens, gently dragging a damp paper towel down the nib may be necessary from time to time in order to clean the nib and keep a clear path for the ink.

A black gift box is included with each pen.